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Hi There, I’m Denyss, Traveling Artist, Art Director & UI/UX experiential designer

I am a conscious creator. I graduated with a BA in Art Direction from the Miami Ad School which led me to acquire practical training along side creative directors in Ad agencies like Alma Miami and Mccann Espain. My career has since been dedicated to branding and web design for conscious entrepreneurs.
My passion lies in both the visual arts and hands-on work, leading me to also serve as an Artisan Painter for Adirondack and KHS&S. Projects like Volcano Bay, Star Wars Disneyland CA, Jurassic World, and experiential museums such as Meow Wolf Denver, Nintendo Land CA, and the Animal Heritage Museum have been integral parts of my portfolio. Currently, I’m contributing to Epic Universe Orlando. Balancing technical expertise with artistic flair drives my ambition. My next career goal is to integrate these elements, crafting multidimensional experiences that allow users to engage with brands and solve problems through innovative technological solutions.