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Hi There, I’m a Fine Art & Interactive Artist with Focus on AR/VR/XR & UI/UX Design

Hello, I am Denyss!

I am a Colombian gifted visual artist, designer, scenic painter, educator, and web developer. I carry a deep love and devotion toward ancestral knowledge and the intercultural exchange between the modern world and indigenous cultures.

My professional background is in Art Direction, Design, and Scenic Painting, I am proficient in WordPress. I am also the founder of Goddess Portal, a 501(c3) fundraiser platform for natural resource conservation and environmental developments.

After graduating from the Miami Ad School in 2015, I have focused mainly on web design and branding for conscious entrepreneurs. I enjoy the visual side of things as well as working with my hands which led me to also take the role of a scenic painter working on projects like Star Wars Disneyland California, Life of Pets, Jurassic World, and Experiential Museums like Meow Wolf Denver.

Recently, I got certified by the NYU School of Engineering, focusing on UX AND UI for emerging technologies. I enjoy both the technical part and the artistic side, and in the future I would like to combine both, to create installations to solve problems and inspire people through innovative technology solutions.

The sky is the limit.